I have a fibre optic cable that is not performing as it should be. What should I do?

Using the tried and tested Fibre Optic Testing Method of a light source and power meter, a qualified technician can test and clean your fibre optic installation.

What's the difference between OM1 and OM3?

OM1 can run at 1GB/s while OM3 can run 10 times faster at 10GB/s, over the same distance.

What fibre optic terminations should I use?

The most common fibre optic terminations that are used are ST, SC and LC. For high density applications, generally LC is used, as you can have as many as 96 terminations in a single Rack Unit (RU).

Do you have to be a licensed contractor to perform fibre optic terminations, fusion splicing or to install fibre optic cabling?

Yes. You must be a registered cabler with endorsements to perform specified works. All of our contractors are registered with the ACRS.

Can you join fibre optic cable?

Yes. All fibre optic cables can be fusion spliced, with minimal losses. The join needs to be within an enclosure to provide mechanical protection, be it indoors, outdoors or underground.

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